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Complete List:


Scene One
1. One Hundred Years,  Prelude - cello
2. One Hundred Years – Astrov, cello, piano
3. Good Old Days – Vanya, Astrov, Nanny - piano, clarinet
4. Scribble Scribble Scratch Scratch – Vanya - piano, cello
5. Inexplicably, Yes  – Vanya, Astrov - piano, cello
6. Such A Beautiful Woman – Vanya, Astrov, Telegin - piano, cello
7. Drink Your Tea  – Mother, Vanya, Sonya, Yelena, Telegin, Astrov, piano, cello, clarinet
8. Good Friend  (One) – Yelena, Vanya - piano, clarinet

Scene Two
9. Soon I'll Set You Free Prelude - clarinet
10. Soon I'll Set You Free – Professor - piano, cello, clarinet
11. Growing Old – Nanny, Professor - piano, clarinet
12. Naïve – Vanya - piano, cello, clarinet
13. Vunderful Wodka – Astrov, (Telegin, Vanya) - guitar
14. He Tells Me Nothing – Sonya - piano, cello
15. Ev'ry Minute in This House – Yelena, Astrov, Professor, Sonya, Vanya, Nanny and Mother - piano, cello, clarinet


Scene One
16. Too Lazy To Live, Prelude - piano, cello, clarinet
17. Too Lazy To Live – Vanya, Yelena, Sonya - piano, clarinet
18. Mermaid Song – Yelena, (Sonya) - piano, cello
19. One Hundred Years, Postlude - cello
20. Inevitable – Astrov, Yelena - piano, cello, clarinet
21. A Cottage in Finland – Professor - piano, cello
22. Twenty-five Years – Vanya, Professor, Nanny, Mother, Yelena, Sonya, Telegin - piano, cello, clarinet
23. Naive Postlude - piano, cello, clarinet

Scene Two
24. To Start Anew – Vanya, Astrov - piano, cello, clarinet
25. Good Friend  (Two) – Sonya - piano, cello
26. A Little in Love – Astrov, Yelena - piano, cello
27. Radiant Glory – all - piano, cello, clarinet
28. Song for Vanya  (exit music) – piano, cello, clarinet

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Description of Songs:


1.  “One Hundred Years, Prelude” – solo cello, setting mood as lights come up.
2.  “One Hundred Years” - the "comedy" begins with ecologically conscious Dr. Astrov in a moment of profound existential despair. Burned out and feeling hopeless about the plight of his community, he questions his ability to make the world a better place.  He ponders how the world will be in a hundred years if it stays on the path of self-destruction it seems to be on. In his internal monologue, he sings about a single tree he helped plant a few years earlier. 
3.  “Good Old Days” - Dr. Astrov and the Nanny reminice about the past, lament "the progress" of modernity, and chastise Vanya's hedonistic behavior.
4.  “Scribble Scribble Scratch Scratch” - Vanya explains the family history, introducing the relationships between the various people living and working on the estate and the recently retired professor and his new wife Yelena, who are now guests in the first wife's home and staying indefinitely…  which has brought havoc to the household.

5.  “Inexplicably, Yes” - Vanya vents his frustration over not being able to win the attention of the married Yelena.
6.  “Such a Beautiful Woman” - Waffles ponders his runaway bride while Vanya and Dr. Astrov wonder how to get a beautiful woman (Yelena).
7.  “Drink Your Tea” - Vanya's mother is insulted by Vanya's recent behavioral changes and his belligerent attitude to all they had once held dear.
8.  “Good Friend” - Vanya confesses his love to Yelena.
9.  “Soon I'll Set You Free, Prelude” – clarinet solo.
10.  “Soon I'll Set You Free” - the Professor berates Yelena and the family for not treating him with more respect.
11.  “Growing Old” - the Nanny commiserates with the Professor.
12.  “Naïve” - Vanya's inner monologue realizing the depth of love he feels for the unattainable Yelena, the distain and disillusionment toward the Professor.
13.  “Vunderul Wodka” - Waffles, Dr. Astrov and Vanya attempt to escape their disappointments in life!

14.  “He Tells Me Nothing” - Sonya has unsuccessfully tried to express to Dr. Astrov the love she feels for him.

15.  “Every Minute In This House” - End of Act 1 where the characters express their longings, frustrations, and sense of isolation.

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16. “Too Lazy to Live, Prelude” – piano, cello, clarinet.
17.  “Too Lazy to Live” – Playful banter between Vanya and Yelena as he makes fun of her boredom and lethargy since arriving.
18.  “Mermaid” - Yelena's inner monologue. She realizes she is attracted to Dr. Astrov but cannot give herself permission to be the unrestrained Mermaid who would be free to follow her own passion.

19. “One Hundred Years, Postlude”
– solo cello playing beneath map scene.
20. “Inevitable” – Astrov and Yelena each reveal their inner thoughts on all that is right and wrong about their feelings for one another – overlapping lyrics that culminate as the song is cut off by the kiss.
21.  “A Cottage in Finland” - the Professor suggests selling the family estate so he and his wife can life in a cottage in Finland

22. “Twenty-five Years” - Vanya having seen Yelena kissing Dr. Astrov responds to the Professor's attempt to "steal" the family's estate, and publicly attempts to humiliate him.
23. “Naïve, Postlude” – frenetic piano, cello, clarinet trio during gun scene.
24. “Start Anew” - Vanya has attempted to shoot the professor but missed - something for which he will never forgive himself! He has stolen a bottle of morphine from Dr. Astrov's bag in order to kill himself.
25. “Good Friend” - Sonya begs Vanya to return the vial of morphine.

26. “A Little In Love” - before returning to the city with the Professor, Yelena admits her feelings for Dr. Astrov.
27. “Radiant Glory” -  the characters reflect on their lives and search for a faith that will allow them to live their lives moment by grace-filled moment to the end of their days.

28. “Song for Vanya” (exit music) – piano, cello, clarinet.

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