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The Musical


A Song for Vanya is a musical adaptation of Uncle Vanya, the tragicomedy by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov – first published in 1899. The setting is a provincial Russian estate, where the quiet lives of the inhabitants are disrupted when the head of the family brings home his beautiful new wife. Instrumentation for this musical includes twenty-eight songs set in various combinations for cello, piano, clarinet, and the eight characters.

the cast

Sonya – Vanya’s niece (daughter of the Professor) who falls in unreciprocated love with Dr. Astrov.

Vanya – Sonya’s uncle, embittered over lost opportunities, has long been eking out an existence and sending money to support the Professor who was once married to his now-deceased sister. Like Dr. Astrov, Vanya is also “taken” with the Professor’s new wife, the beautiful Yelena.

Dr. Astrov – Environmentally conscious and eccentric family physician and friend who falls in love with the Professor’s young wife, Yelena.

Yelena – The beautiful new wife of the Professor. Bored with her marriage and life, she becomes infatuated with the altruistic, charismatic, Dr. Astrov.

Professor – Vanya’s brother-in-law. Sonya’s father. A failed scholar embittered by onset of old age, newly married to the beautiful and alluring Yelena.

Telegin (Waffles) – A distant family relative and neighbor, well-intentioned and oft-ignored.

Mother – Sonya’s grandmother, Vanya’s mother, she also lives on the estate and works to support the Professor who is her son-in-law by marriage to her deceased daughter.

Nanny – Sonya’s nanny of many years.

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