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Collaborations with Author Barry Lopez

I am privileged to have worked with the author Barry Lopez on a number of projects since 1989. Our collaborations on two books: Apologia and The Letters of Heaven are noted here.

Barry Lopez website: barrylopez.com
Lone Goose Press website: lonegoosepress.com


  In the fall of 1989, Barry Lopez made a road trip from his home in western Oregon to South Bend, Indiana. A chronicle of that trip, entitled Apologia, appeared in Witness magazine and later in Harper's.

Shortly after this, Barry and I began discussing the idea of creating a fine press edition of this story. In 1990, I began carving a series of poplar woodblocks, each nearly

a foot square, ultimately completing twenty-three images which visually convey the journey described in the essay.

Apologia is a limited edition artist's book which hinges the woodblock prints into a continuous accordion-style presentation almost twenty-two feet long, with the words of the essay woven through the flow of images. Designed and organized by Charles Hobson, San Francisco, the edition has been printed letterpress on Stonehenge paper by Susan Acker at Feathered Serpent Press, Novato, California. The typefaces used are Poppl-Laudatio Regular and Trajan.

The woodblocks were editioned by Nora Pauwels at KALA Art Institute, Berkeley. John DeMerritt, Emeryville, California, hinged the pages and bound the book in boards covered with Lami Li handmade paper and sections of USGS topographic maps of Wyoming. Sandy Tilcock of lone goose press, Eugene, Oregon, has made clamshell boxes covered in black Canapetta fabric for the edition.

Enclosed in a folder on the back cover of each book is a unique tire-tread print made by Barry Lopez (with the assistance of Sandy Tilcock) on a segment of USGS topographic map of Wyoming. The prints were made by inking-up the tires of Barry's Toyota 4-Runner, the vehicle driven on the journey described in the essay. Each print is signed and numbered by the author, and each book is signed and numbered by Barry and by Robin.

Completed in the spring of 1997, the book was published by lone goose press, Eugene, Oregon in an edition of fifty copies (numbered 1-50) with sixteen additional copies (lettered A-P) reserved for the participants.

For additional information regarding Apologia, please contact:
Sandy Tilcock:
lone goose press
1166 West Second Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402
Telephone (541) 465-9079

Apologia was also published as a trade edition in 1998 by The University of Georgia Press, Athens and London.

The Letters of Heaven

The Letters of Heaven, by Barry Lopez was published in the summer of 2000 by The Knight Library Press of Eugene Oregon as a limited edition.


Included in each book are five of my hand colored etchings. This book was printed from Bembo monotypes cast by Michael Bixler, passed through the stick at the Press, and printed on Hahnemuhle Heine using a Vandercook 219 proof press.


The calligraphic title, headings and ornaments are by Marilyn Reaves. Laminated handmade papers from Twinrocker and Moulin de Larroque were used to construct the cover.

Sandy Tilcock, director of Knight Library Press, designed, printed and bound this edition of 125 numbered and signed copies.

Please contact Sandy with any additional questions:

lone goose press
1166 West Second Avenue, Eugene, Oregon 97402
Telephone: (541) 465-9079


Collaboration with Author Phil Cousineau

A Rhapsody on a Theme of Famous and Infamous Last Words

With nine woodcut illustrations by Robin.

Winner of the Fallot Literary Award from the National Association of Independent Publishers

Phil Cousineau website: philcousineau.net

  "DEADLINES comes as a surprise....superb: a new genre, in fact, combining the pleasures of list-making with that of last-minute eaves-dropping."
-- Alberto Manguel

"A young man teaches us old men how to die; a genius talks of death as if he had been there; a wise man strips sentimentality from our age; a rare insight bares things we rarely talk about; a penetrating intellect speaks gently. Read these and many things from Phil Cousineau's DEADLINES and be touched to the core. A masterpiece."
-- Robert A. Johnson

"In the manner of Rilke, Cousineau's poem, Deadlines, plumbs verbal depths for the magic of words to heal the heart."
-- Jung Institute Journal

"A hauntingly beautiful book that escapes all the categories; a prayer binding together the life and death of a father and son; a fascinating study that suggests the last words of famous men and women may provide us with a radar image of the mysterious kingdom of death; an invitation into the resurrection of language, story poetry. It will live in and refresh your imagination."
-- Sam Keen

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